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What Problems Can Clogged Gutters Lead To?

Clogged gutters

Your gutters do more than you may be giving them credit for. No, they don’t simply keep your head dry when the rain is coming down. They also help to protect your Panama City home in a number of ways.

Unfortunately, that protection can become compromised if your gutters become clogged and, in turn, helpless. So, it’s imperative that you prevent and undo gutter clogs ASAP. Otherwise, you could soon be faced with a number of problems such as . . .

Roof Damage

When your gutters become clogged, rainwater won’t be able to move freely through it, so the only way it will have to go is up. Sadly, as rainwater goes up, the quality of your roof could go down as it remains exposed to water damage.

This damage could lead to weakened shingles, roof leaks, wood rot, and ultimately, a significant decline in your roof’s lifespan. In little time, you could find yourself faced with a host of costly roof repairs. To avoid this cost, be sure that your gutters remain unclogged.

Foundational Cracks

Rainwater won’t travel upwards in your clogged gutters forever. After all, it will eventually crest over the edge and down the side of your home. While this may not seem as alarming to you as the above-mentioned roofing damage, it certainly should be a cause for alarm.

After all, that water can begin to pool around the base of your home, where it can work its way down toward your home’s foundation. There, it could cause the foundation to crack, leading to a host of costly structural problems. To avoid those problems, keep your gutters cleared.

Mold Development

Clogged gutters can do more than simply cause your roof and foundation to suffer damages. They can also lead to the development of mold in all the debris that’s accumulated within them. This mold development can do a number on your health, making it imperative that you remove the debris ASAP.

Your health and the well-being of your Panama City area home should be vital to you. To maintain those qualities, you need to make sure your gutters are in a condition to do so. This means you need to keep them clean so that rainwater can’t cause the kinds of problems that negatively affect your health and the health of your home.

Keep Your Gutters Safe with Our Panama City Pros

If you need any help keeping your gutters clean, call Panama City Gutters today. Our top-rated gutter company can provide gutter protection and seamless gutters that will help keep your gutters clean and you and your home safe.

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