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Don’t Clean Your Gutters Unless You Have These Pieces of Equipment

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So, it’s been a few months. Time and nature have filled your gutters with all manners of debris, and you don’t need to waste a moment: You need to get your gutters cleaned out! Otherwise, you could be open to a bevy of serious problems.

However, don’t act so quickly that you jump headlong into the job unprepared. Doing that could result in a shoddy cleaning job — not to mention an unsafe one! To enjoy the best and safest gutter cleaning, you need to make sure you have the following pieces of equipment before you jump on the job:

A Sturdy Ladder

You can’t begin cleaning your gutters if you can’t get to them, and for that purpose, your safest piece of equipment is a ladder. Be sure to choose a ladder that’s sturdy, durable, and well made to best keep yourself safe from falls.


Cleaning out your gutters can be quite a dirty task, especially if you’ve put the job off for much longer than you should have. So, you’ll surely want to keep yourself separated from the filth, and the best way to do that is to bring a pair of gloves with you for the job.

Mouth and Eye Protection

During the spring and summer months especially, your gutters can get loaded with all sorts of tiny, harmful particles such as pollen and even mold spores. To keep yourself from becoming affected by them, be sure to bring protection for your mouth (a dust mask) and eyes (safety goggles.)

A Garden Trowel

If you’ve gone an especially long period of time without cleaning your gutters (and, let’s face it, we’ve all been there), then you can very likely expect some of the buildup to be quite stubborn to remove. To make the job easier, you simply need to bring along a garden trowel.

A Bucket

Cleaning your gutters shouldn’t result in a second mess to clean. Unfortunately, you’ll be dealing with just that if you simply drop your gutter’s debris on the ground. Fortunately, though, you can avoid this problem if you make sure to bring along a bucket to collect the debris in.

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