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Gutters: Replace or Repair?

Do you need a simple repair or is it time to replace your gutters?

If you knew all of the many ways that your gutters keep your home safe, then you would no doubt be concerned if problems appeared. If you start to notice problems, or a professional gutter inspection brings these problems to light, you’ll have to answer an important question; “Should you repair or replace your gutters?”

Here are five smaller, simpler, questions to ask yourself to make the decision.

How Much Damage is There?

A repair may be possible if there isn’t too much damage. Things like rust and loose hangers can be repaired without an issue. On the other hand, a gutter that is dented or buckled after being knocked by a tree limb is generally considered a lost cause. A gutter needs to be able to provide an obstruction-free path for water to travel through in order to properly serve their purpose.

How Widespread is the Damage?

If there’s just a small bit of damage in one spot, then you could get away with a repair. Even when replacements are necessary, a good gutter repair company will only have to replace the broken part. Of course, if the entire system is failing and damaged, you should consider a whole new system.

How Big are the Leaks?

Gutter leaks of any kind are a problem, but how big they are determines how big of a problem they are. A small leak won’t be much trouble to deal with. While a huge leak will mean that portion of the gutter has to be replaced though. They are too big to be sealed over.

Is There Sagging?

If your gutter is sagging at all, then you’ve got yourself a serious problem. It might be something small like a hanger getting loose, but it could be a sign of an even bigger problem. The kind of problem that may require an entire replacement system.

What Kind of Gutters do you Have?

The kind of guttering you have can also play a part. A cheap gutter from a DIY big box store is almost never worth the cost of repair. On the other hand, expensive copper guttering would almost always be worth repairing, considering the cost of replacement.

Seamless aluminum gutters are impressive and can last for over two decades without much need for repairs. We can still come to you and repair your aluminum gutters if they need it though. We can even create custom-made sections of guttering for your home.

Not Sure If you Need to Repair or Replace?

Above all, if you still aren’t sure, then the safest thing to do is just give us a call. We’ll come to inspect your gutters and give you our honest opinion on what your next course of action should be. Gutter repairs and gutter replacement are jobs that you can do yourself, but they should be left in the hands of the experts. Inspecting gutters is dangerous work and requires proper training in safety procedures. It’s also the best way to ensure that the repairs and replacements last as long as possible. It might even be the case that trying to do everything yourself is what caused the problem in the first place.